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Highways & Footpaths

There are no A or B roads in Charlcombe. Our principal thoroughfare is Lansdown Road which effectively bisects the Parish. A number of significant facilities lie on Lansdown Road, including Lansdown Park and Ride, Walcot Rugby Club, The Blathwayt Arms, Lansdown Golf Course, Bath Racecourse and Sir Bevil Grenville’s Monument. Having successfully campaigned a few years ago for a 50 mph speed limit past the Blathwayt Arms and Bath Racecourse, Charlcombe Parish Council has more recently successfully pressed B&NES for a reduction of the 60 mph speed limit past the busy entrance to the Park and Ride, a reduction to 50 mph which has become even more relevant with the expansion of the Park and Ride in 2013 by 390 extra spaces.

Many of the lanes in the Parish are narrow country lanes, single track in places with passing spaces, such as Charlcombe Lane, Colliers Lane, Woolley Lane, Langridge Lane and Broadmoor Lane. Colliers Lane and most of Charlcombe Lane are 20 mph zones and Charlcombe Lane was the first lane in B&NES to be designated a “Quiet Lane”, a national designation for country lanes which are appropriate for shared use by walkers and joggers, cyclists, horse riders and motorised traffic. We are concerned about the potential impact on these rural lanes of traffic from the development of the forrmer MoD site at Ensleigh, including the new Primary School which will serve the wider community. To date we believe that B&NES has not adequately addressed our concerns, which are shared by local residents, and we continue to press our case.

Cutting of the verges along the lanes is the responsibility of B&NES. This was delayed in 2012 as a cost cutting measure and the Parish Council lobbied to have the service restored in future. Overgrown verges on narrow country lanes make the lanes even narrower, presenting a safety hazard for all users, particularly pedestrians who are forced to walk in the middle of the road. Verge cutting was reinstated in 2013  and we continue to monitor the situation closely.

In the winter months, only Lansdown Road and Lansdown Lane are gritted. The remaining country lanes do not qualify as they are not bus routes and do not carry sufficient traffic. However, local residents depend upon them. Charlcombe was one of the first Parishes to join the B&NES “Snow Warden” initiative in 2011, in which the Parish has 2 designated Snow Wardens (Cllrs Stewart Chorley and Alastair MacKichan) and has been issued with a hand operated salt spreader and additional stocks of salt which have been dispersed around the Parish. The scheme depends upon the use local resources, under the direction of Parish Councillors, as a self-help measure to keep our lanes open in times of snow.

Residents who discover a problem with the highways, for example a pothole, a fallen tree or a damaged road sign, can either contact B&NES Council Connect or the Parish Clerk.

Charlcombe Parish lies entirely within the Cotswold AONB and is well served with public footpaths, including some which link with the Cotswold Way. The Cotswold Voluntary Wardens do an excellent job of maintaining and improving our footpaths, for example the repair of stiles and installation of “kissing gates”; the clearance of vegetation and installation of steps and a handrail on the steep path between Charlcombe Grove Farm and Woolley in 2011 has been of particular benefit. The Cotswold Warden who monitors footpaths within the Parish is Keith Weller (keithpweller(at) If you find a problem with a footpath, please contact either Keith or the Parish Clerk.

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